Best Online TBS (Turn Based Strategy) Games

First of all i would like to say hello and welcome, as my time allows it i will post the best turn based strategy games that i have found while stumbling the web. Now i have one game i wish to mention, but as i find more i will post them here, i will make a new page for each turn based strategy game.
All turn based strategy games listed here are safe for all audiences, visitors can also mail me their favorites at

Also i would like to mention that my interests are in online TBS games for the moment, so its most certain that you will find a lot of online versions of the HOMM series here, which by the way was my long time favorite, and any of those games could make it easily as top 1 best online turn based strategy games.

So far the best online turn based strategy game is LordsWM

- LordsWM is probably the best online turn based game i played in years, is say this not because of the fancy graphics but the good gameplay and interesting ideas.

To keep it short, LordsWM combines elements from Heroes of Might and Magic (HOMM) 3, 4 and 5 in one single online game. The idea is simple and in the same time interesting, many artifacts and spells are also at the players disposal. This turn based strategy game is so good because it is balanced, and constantly improved over the years!

The live battles are: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, special missions, tournaments and rarely server events as well. These are the features that really make this game best turn based strategy game. The races are: Human, Demon, Elves, Dark Elves, Knight, Necro, Wizard, Barbarian.. Rumors say that two new races (factions) will be introduced soon, Dwarfs and Steppe Barbarians.

Players have to obtain higher levels to unlock higher tier creatures, Register a LordsWM account right now

Tavern section of the game also holds a mini game called two towers where players can battle using cards. Roulette is also available, for most players this is the best way to get easy money. Lordswm is currently one of the best turn based strategy games that i have ever played.

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